I was lucky to be part of this amazing event in the media team.

It was the 10th anniversary of this unique event across cities. Probably one of the best sports event I was ever part of.
In Melbourne, at Prarhan, across 3 days, pure madness with heaps of Basketball, Dunk Contests, Food, DJ and a million of true fans supporting, cheering.

Can't wait SummerJam 2023.

I have decided to put a price list up there on this gallery for you in case you want to download the photo for your personal use. I believe it's very cheap and overall it could be helping me with my running costs. This website mind you is 300$ / year ! Not mentioning the cost of all the equipment and my time :-)

The process is:
- if you like a photo and want to buy, please be my guest and buy online
- I will get notified by the platform and I will replace the photo you selected with one that does not have any trademark at the bottom, same high-resolution, in case there's a trademark
- then I will approve the download, easy peasy

Thank you so much for your support !
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