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Australia and surfing. Pics from various places in Victoria and Queensland.

Surfing is an integral part of Australia's culture. You have to try one day.

I started learning surfing in Queensland at Rainbow Bay. This is how I got into photography actually. We had a 45 mins drive to the beach. I learned that you have to fit to surf so I had to find something else to do after my short miserable longboard sessions. So I started taking pics. Got a few unique shooting and surfing opportunities at Snapper - surfing a wave with Mick and I can prove it, shooting Joel at Snapper Rocks with perhaps only 10 other surfers and getting a few barrels .. And Steph of course.

I am amazed by all these athletes doing their thing for hours sometimes in freezing conditions, particularly in Victoria.

I wish I started learning surfing in my childhood. In another life.