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Our blues scene is amazing here in Melbourne. I read somewhere that we are the world capital of live music. Every week, almost every day, some band will perform somewhere in this great city.

Fantastic opportunity to meet with new people, listen to good music, have a beer with friends and shoot when the light permits.

I once had a bit of a crap talk with the owner of a bar somewhere in Melbourne. I was casually taking pictures of the great Jesse and that owner started messing up with me, can't take pics without permission, and even if I asked permission, he would not let me shoot .. We left that shit hole right away.

Lesson learned, I always ask ahead of time now and surprisingly (actually no surprises here really) every owner says "yes sure, absolutely".

My pics are shared with the artists. That's my modest contribution back to them, to thank them for sharing their talent with the rest of us and entertaining us.

So people of Melbourne, get out there to support your blues scene.