I'm a multi sports and action photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria/Australia.


These are testimony about my work


"Shooting a live band is a true sign of a masochist. Background distractions, poor light, movement, unpredictability - they must drive a photographer into apoplexy. Olivier though, holds it all lightly and has a knack for the moment - introspection, passion, joy, abandon - at the right moment he hits the shutter release." - Phil Coyne, Lead Singer, Electric Blues Collective.


“Ollie has a knack for capturing moments of impact - diving through the sand for a ball, the quirk of humour on an athletes’s face mid-match, or the athleticism of a player stretching to beat an opponent. His photos are sharp, intriguing and capture the moment perfectly.” - Christie Jenkins, Pro Athlete, Victoria Top Women Beach Volleyball Player.


“Great to have Olivier as the official photographer of the 2019 Kooyong Classic. He displayed a unique ability to successfully capture the mood and feel of the event for which we were greatful. Look forward to working with him again on the 2020 event!” - Peter Johnston, Kooyong Classic Tournament Director.


“If taking a photograph is taking a screenshot of life, then Ollie has the unique ability to capture life and time in a blink of an eye.” - Brian Calloway, U19 Gridiron National Team Coach and Western Crusaders Coach.