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I have a passion for action photography and I practice my craft shooting tennis, volley and beach volleyball, gridiron and motocross. In 2020, I covered the Kooyong Classic which is a professional tennis exhibition right before the Australian Open.

My collaboration with Christie Jenkins, Pro Athlete and Victoria’s elite beach volleyball player started 2 years ago. My pictures of Christie were featured in 2019 and 2020 in the finalists in the amateur category of the Women in Sport Photo Action Awards ( which was conceived to help change media and public perception and portrayal of women in sport. I am really stocked to be able to contribute modestly to such a great initiative and very proud to work with Christie. She’s an amazing athlete.

In my pictures of beach volleyball, I want to draw attention to the athleticism of these incredible women competing in a very demanding sport.

Who’s Christie ?

Christie has represented Australia and been ranked in the top ten in the world in 3 different sports - trampolining, CrossFit, and beach volleyball. She can do triple somersaults 10 meters in the air, lift 100kg barbells above her head, and pictured here dive for volleyballs on the sand. Outside of sport she’s also a motivational speaker and a strategy consultant to the biggest companies in Australia - sharing the mindset lessons from elite sport.